Incomplete Works | ɪnkəmˈpliːt wəːk|

[ 1.0 ]

  1. My Name is Swan [film, poetry, performance]
  2. Reynard [poetry, performance]
  3. Body 115 [poetry, performance] NEW
  4. This is what I wanted to give you… [poetry, music, film]
  5. On The Surface [poetry, music]
  6. Stay Close [text, video, installation]
  7. Tide [poetry, film]
  8. Poems after Germain Nouveau [poetry, installation]
  9. Munras, Pearl & Tyler [poetry, play, music, script]
  10. Song For A Lar [poetry, music] NEW
  11. Remember [poetry, music, film] NEW
  12. Goldfish [poetry, music, film] NEW
  13. About She Goes [poetry]

This list is currently being updated and does not represent a full catalogue of works. J.N. 08/2021