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A new work from filmmaker Adam Carr, EEFF Poet in Residence Jan Noble and musicians Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai, My Name Is Swan describes, through film, music and poetry, a 24-hour journey across London. An odyssey of loss and belonging, lies and loyalty, ownership and neglect, Brexit and heartbreak, drugs and the suburbs, boredom, football violence, vandalism, happiness, isolation, addiction, rivers, shopping trolleys, love, hope and the Metropolitan malaise… addressing the growing social and economic disparity of the modern city, it is most of all a beautifully evocative portrait of London, the struggles it presents and the solutions it offers.

East End Film Festival Premiere 25th June, Curzon, Aldgate, 5 pm

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3 luglio –  La Punta della Lingua – Chiesa di Santa Maria di Portonovo, Ancona  – 21.30 h


25th June – East End Film Festival Premiere – Curzon, Aldgate – 5 pm


13 maggio – Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano – MUDEC, Via Tortona, 56, 20144 Milano – 19:20 h
15 maggio – The Swan – Piazzale Loreto, 9, 20100 Milano – 19:30 h (prestazioni private)
16 maggio – Teatro Filodrammatici – Via Filodrammatici, 1, 20121 Milano – 19:15 h


Wed 19th – The Swan – 7 Cosmo Place, Holborn – 8 pm


Lunedi 6 febbraio – Ravaletto –  Piazza Del Plebiscito 48, Ancona, Italia – 20h
Venerdì 3 febbraio – Post Bar
– Via Catone 25, Pescara, Italia –  21h

October 2016 Tour

The White Swan, Fetter Lane, 4th Oct
The White Swan, Twickenham, 5th Oct
The Swan Hotel, Staines, 6th Oct
The Swan Inn, Isleworth, 8th Oct
The Swan, Wimbledon, 10th Oct
The White Swan, Victoria, 11th Oct
The White Swan, Covent Garden, 12th Oct
The Mute Swan, Hampton Court, 13th Oct
The White Swan, Aldgate, 17th Oct
The Old Swan, Kensington, 18th Oct
The White Swan & Cuckoo, Wapping, 20th Oct
The White Swan, Islington, 27th Oct

My Name Is Swan – A spoken word recording of the poetic monologue
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My Name Is Swan in Italy