My Name Is Swan


In 2016 poet Jan Noble set out to read his poetic swan monologue in every ‘swan’ pub in London. He was accompanied by filmmaker Adam Carr. The resulting film premiered at the East End Film Festival.

Smart, gorgeous, a pleasure for the eye and ear

My Name Is Swan - SOLD OUT

A new work from filmmaker Adam Carr, poet Jan Noble and musicians Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai, My Name Is Swan describes, through film, music and poetry, a 24 hour journey across London. An odyssey of loss and belonging, lies and loyalty, ownership and neglect, Brexit and heartbreak, drugs and the suburbs, boredom, football violence, vandalism, happiness, isolation, addiction, rivers, shopping trolleys, love, hope and the metropolitan malaise… addressing the growing social and economic disparity of the modern city, it is most of all a beautifully evocative portrait of London, the struggles it presents and the solutions it offers.

Intense and chilling  The Guardian


Launched at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival, My Name Is Swan has been performed live at the Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano, MUDEC, Teatro Filodrammatici and most recently at Poetry on the Lake in Orta Italy with poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

Poetry of force and impact  La Stampa (Italy)

The poem has been broadcast on BBC radio and the text is currently being set by the University of Milan. A national UK spoken-word tour will take place in 2018 with the film’s international premiere expected in the spring.