This is what I wanted to give you…

EP with Donna McKevitt. Available here – iTunes / CD / Vinyl

Artist: McKevitt & Noble
Released: 28 October 2016
CD Cat. No: NYAT CD 005
EP Cat. No: NYAT EP 001
Label: NYAT/Genepool/Universal

  1. Goldfish
  2. This is what I wanted to give you…
  3. Bucket
  4. And so he…
  5. In Salerno

(My Name Is) Swan

A spoken word recording of the poetic monologue from the film by Adam Carr. Available here – iTunesCD

Artist: Jan Noble
Released: 6 October 2016
CD Cat. No: NYAT CD 006
Label: NYAT/Genepool/Universal

  1. Swan
  2. Munras, Pearl & Tyler

On The Surface

Six new recordings with Justine Armatage. Available here – DD

Artist: Jan Noble, Justine Armatage
Released: December 2014
Label: NYAT

  1. On The Surface
  2. The Glass
  3. III
  4. The Rain
  5. Not Me
  6. Mumblefruit

Questa è lei . . .

A poem from the EP ‘I’m With God’ by the Cesarians. Available here – DD / iTunes / CD

Artist: The Cesarians
Title: I’m With God
Released: Feb 2011
Label: Twelve Records/African Tape

5. Questa e Lei

About She Goes

A poem from the album ‘Cesarians 1’ by the Cesarians
Available here – 
DDiTunes / CD / 

Artist: The Cesarians
Title: Cesarians 1
Released: July 2009
Label: Imprint/Genepool/Universal

9. About She Goes

Mussolini’s Teaspoons

Monkey Island’s Guardian single of the week
Available here – DD

Artist: Monkey Island
Released: 2001
Label: Ultra

1. Mussolini’s Teaspoons
2. Galileo

Some Of What You Need And Don’t Need To Know


Artist: Monkey Island
Released: 2004
Label: Ultra

3. This Is Not
6. 14:25
9. Mussolini’s Teaspoons
11. Galileo

Mere Pawns… To The Monkey God Of Rock ‘N’ Roll


Artist: Monkey Island
Released: 1996
Label: Ultra

2. Johnny, Above All
7. The President
11. The Letter
12. Short Of A Beach
15. Naked

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