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This Is A Bucket

This is a bucket.
Look at my bucket
see how I carry my bucket.

My bucket is made
of a composite of metals
that’s how much I know about buckets

don’t push me
or I might have to use
my bucket.

I can put my bucket
on my head
I can shout
into my bucket

Bucket! Bucket! Bucket!

My bucket has a handle
that is useful.

Presently I am considering
whether the handle of a bucket
is part of the whole
or only a part.

Since devoting
a large amount of my own time
to this particular problem
I have realised I have not picked up
one single bucket
(although I think of buckets constantly)

My conclusion so far is this:
a bucket without a handle
maybe impractical
but a handle without a bucket
is nothing.

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