Stay Close

A text and video installation

Stay Close is a text and video installation for the Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street, London. A mix of East End history and whisper, shadow and reflection projected and stencilled onto walls and mirrors of the hotel foyer.



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Stay, stay for one more
in this small corner
round off the afternoon where

the chatter of the Blind Beggar
and the call to prayer
make song around the optics

where gossip is measured
where a stranger smiles
and the locals stare.

Find a place or lose yourself
outside in the hours that needle
between the minarets and spires

the shadow of the object
is the same length
as the object itself

and it points East.
Where lovers meet thieves
where imam meets priest

in closed church, in free ministry
with two fists and an apple
in gas-lit Whitechapel

bare knuckled or veiled
on loan or on bail
some do good, some do well

some get fleeced.
Stay, stay close
in this small corner

take off your shoes
raise a glass, make an offer
I can no longer refuse.