I Sat Down And Wept

A play

I Sat Down And Wept outlines the remarkably true story of the poet George Barker and his affair with the writer Elizabeth Smart. Told through a sequence of overlapping monologues and dialogues it supposes a meeting between Barker’s wife Jessica and Smart, his lover, at the poet’s hospital bedside.

Taking a single line from Smart’s fictionalised tale of her relationship with Barker, the cult By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept, Smart overhears the poet’s wife talking to her husband on a hospital ward and instead of “turning back” she enters. I Sat Down And Wept imagines a conversation between the two women.

Both Smart and Barker published accounts of their affair that took place during and after World War Two and this play gives voice, for the first time, to the wife who stood by her husband throughout.

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