April is the cruelest month…

I began running a creative writing class from the social care unit at the Union Chapel, London in 2005. You may well know the building as a cool, Islington venue that’s hosted the likes of Amy Winehouse, Noel Gallagher, Tom Jones and Philip Glass but it’s also been home to the Margin’s Project, a crisis centre that offers housing advice and a winter night shelter.

Tidying a few of my dad’s things away I came across this…

…a small pot of bent nails. He kept everything. Even bent nails were worth hanging onto. This isn’t just the behaviour of an obsessive hoarder, this is about value and understanding that, without wanting to sound like a Pound Shop Taoist, all things have a place and a purpose – it’s just a matter of timeContinue reading “Tidying a few of my dad’s things away I came across this…”

La Punta della Lingua 2017

A week on from our sold out film premiere in London we give a live audiovisual performance of My Name Is Swan tonight at La Punta della Lingua, Portonovo, Ancona, Italy. A reading with a slide show of stills from the film cut together by director Adam Carr with a subtitled translation provided by Italian poets Luigi SocciContinue reading “La Punta della Lingua 2017”

Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano

We performed ‘My Name Is Swan’ with a live slideshow compiled by filmmaker Adam Carr as part of Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano at MUDEC. We’ll be taking this event on tour after the film premiere at the East End Film Festival on 25th June. We’re doing a reading and Q&A at Teatro FilodrammaticiContinue reading “Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano”

The Importance of Being Elsewhere

The first time Chelsea won the league I wasn’t there. I really wasn’t there, most of us weren’t. The second time (within living memory) I wasn’t there either. I was on stage at a festival in Italy. After the show, I went backstage and found that someone had nicked my Chelsea towel from the dressingContinue reading “The Importance of Being Elsewhere”

Some Italian facts about swans…

The last known ‘breeding pair’ of Italian swans were spotted on Lake Como in 1974. Their union had been blessed by the church in 1969. It was later discovered that both swans were in fact male. The church declined to comment. It is believed the poet Dante once fell in love and proposed to aContinue reading “Some Italian facts about swans…”

“My name is Swan…”

Ahead of live soundtrack events this spring with Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai and the premier of Adam Carr’s film “My Name is Swan” at this summer’s East End Film Festival, I’m giving a series of pop-up readings at venues across Europe. Many thanks to Michele Alessandrini for these photos from Ravaletto in Ancona and to Paolo Visci & Federico PesciarelliContinue reading ““My name is Swan…””

“Mi chiamo Cigno…”

Ahead of the film “My Name is Swan” by Adam Carr and live soundtrack events this spring and summer with Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai, I’m doing a few readings in Europe. On Friday I performed in Pescara, Italy. Tonight I’ll be at Ravaletto, Piazza Del Plebiscito 48, Ancona at 8pm. “My Name Is Swan” will premiereContinue reading ““Mi chiamo Cigno…””