“Poetry of strength & impact”

Following our reading with the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, in Orta last month, with the text of My Name is Swan being set on the University of Milan syllabus and a write up in La Stampa, we return to Italy for a special presentation at BookCity Milano. We will also be giving a ‘performance audiovisiva’Continue reading ““Poetry of strength & impact””

Formula One Poetry: From Lewis Hamilton to Marinetti – a car wreck of contemporary literature.

On Friday I delivered the first of ten open lectures on a literature course supported by the WEA (Workers Education Association) in Richmond. Despite being long haunted by (and agreeing entirely with) Alexei Sayle’s observation that “anyone who uses the word ‘workshop’ and is not connected with light engineering is a twat” I have aContinue reading “Formula One Poetry: From Lewis Hamilton to Marinetti – a car wreck of contemporary literature.”

This is Piazzale Loreto…

This is the spot where Mussolini was strung up at the end of the second world war. This is also Piazza Quindici Martiri where the bodies of fifteen ordinary Milanese civilians, killed by the fascists in retaliation for partisan activity, had been put on public display as a warning by Il Duce’s henchmen one yearContinue reading “This is Piazzale Loreto…”

This is Steve Micalef…

He is the greatest poet in London. He may not be the best poet in London but he is undoubtedly the greatest. He has never had any aspirations to be either, he has gone out of his way to be neither. He hasn’t wasted time or money entering competitions, he would never consider submitting carefulContinue reading “This is Steve Micalef…”

Milan in May

13 maggio – Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano – MUDEC, Via Tortona, 56, 20144 Milano – 19:20 h 15 maggio – The Swan – Piazzale Loreto, 9, 20100 Milano – (prestazioni private) 19:30 h 16 maggio – Teatro Filodrammatici – Via Filodrammatici, 1, 20121 Milano – 19:15 h