This arrived the other day…

23 of 34
The photograph that is. Perhaps I should explain…

I sent 34 postcards from my holiday.
I wrote a single stanza
from a long poem on each of them.

The poem contained 34 stanzas.
The poem was divided up between 34 recipients
who each received a different stanza on a postcard.

The whole poem is now owned collectively by its 34 recipients.
It is spread across four continents
published in fragments in other people’s letter boxes.

I invited everyone to take a photograph
of the stanza that I sent them
and then email me back the image.

I posted the returned images online.
The collaged poem contains only the returned verses.
The stanzas appear in the order I received them.

View Postcards From Loculi here…

Published by Jan Noble

poet |ˈpōət; ˈpōit|

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